Frequently Asked Questions

AppAudio Hardware and Software

Q. Are there any monthly fees associated with the AppAudio system?

A. There are no additional fees with the purchase of your AppAudio system. This includes AppAudio Mobile Marketing features, firmware and software updates.

Q. Does the AppAudio system require Internet connection?

A. The system does not need to be connected to the Internet. It is recommended, however, so you are able to receive occasional firmware and software updates to keep your system running smoothly.

Q. Will the AppAudio system take bandwidth from our member Wi-Fi network or internal network?

A. No. AppAudio uses a tiny percentage of the Internet bandwidth and a modest percentage of the local bandwidth.

Q. Can we use our own Wi-Fi network wireless access points?

A. Yes. You can use your existing network infrastructure.

AppAudio Mobile Marketing Features.

Q. How do we upload and manage our mobile marketing content to the AppAudio app?

A. Marketing content is easily uploaded and managed via our exclusive AppAudio Online Mobile Marketing cloud. You will receive secure log in credentials for your organization along with training.

Q. If we have multiple facilities, are we able to direct our marketing and promotional content across all of our locations?

A. Yes. You can direct marketing content to all locations or select specific content to be directed to specific locations.

Q. Do you offer custom graphic services for banners and special offers?

A. If you require custom graphics we provide them at a nominal fee.